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    Sarvak International Trading Ltd is a privately owned international trading and distribution company and was launched in July 2010 by their Shareholders as part of their plans to expand their businesses in other sectors.


    Sarvak initially started with the import of Teas from India and now has grown substantially to be the exclusive importer and distributor of various brands of products in the Foodstuff, Herbal Supplements, Healthcare devices, Medical products and Cosmetics sectors. Sarvak also has representation of various products in Kenya, South Africa and Madagascar.


    Sarvak is also a Registered Supplier to the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life and has supplied various medical devices and instruments to Hospital, Clinics and private practitioners since 2010.




    Exclusively Import & Distribute The Following Brands & Products In Mauritius.

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    Girnar Food & Beverages

    Chai, Teas, Infusions, Oatmeal, Cookies, Khari Etc.



    Girnar is one of the largest tea-manufacturing company in the World and is one of India's finest tea brands and a respectable name amongst tea connoisseurs across the globe. ISO 22000, ISO 9001, GMP, HACCP, HALAL Certified etc.


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    Ghee & Other upcoming Products 



    Amul is the world's largest producer of milk and milk products and the largest food brand in India. AMUL is also the largest exporter of dairy products in the country and is available today in over 40 countries of the world. In 2013, Amul was named the Most Trusted brand in the Food and Beverages sector in The Brand Trust Report, published by Trust Research Advisory.


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    Matcha Culture

    Matcha Products



    Matcha Culture sources high-quality Matcha powder for you, straight from the farmlands of Kyoto, Japan. Matcha has been an integral part of the Japanese culture for decades. It has been attributed as one of the factors for the long life expectancy of the Japanese. Lately, it has gained popularity across the globe as it is enriched with numerous health benefits! Their dedicated team of tea enthusiasts is here to ensure your wellbeing with their aim to imbibe the Japanese culture of drinking Matcha.


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    Appasamy Associates

    Medical Sector Products



    Since 1978, Appasamy Associates and Group of companies have been leading manufacturers and distributors of ophthalmic equipment, microscopes, lasers, IOLs, microsurgical instruments and pharmaceuticals. Manufacturing facilities have got quality systems certifications, audited by TUV, DNV and ITC for ISO 9000 and ISO 13485 requirements. The certifications bodies also provided CE marking for various products and CE compliance certifications for Class I products.


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    Welex Laboratories Private Limited

    Health Supplements based on Ayurveda

    Welex Laboratories, 32-year-old company, is among the largest exporters of Ayurvedic herbal formulations to Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. Welex exports some of its specialized herbal formulations to America, Europe and Middle Eastern nations. GMP, FDA, ISO 9001 : 2008 ,Halal Certified / Compliant & WHO GMP Certification and the first Ayurvedic products company in Maharashtra to get certified and third in India.
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    Ethnic snacks


    Maniarr’s is one of the most renowned brand names among the ethnic snacks manufacturing companies in India. Maniarr’s is largest manufacturer and exporter of Khakhara. It is world’s first mini khakhara available in 20 delicious flavours. Maniarr’s Khakhara is a ready to eat anytime snack which can be consumed as morning breakfast as well as outside of home when anyone is in need of healthy snacks.

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    To Be Healthy Food Company

    Healthy Snacks


    A delicious range of snacks made with 100% real vegetables, To Be Honest Crunchies is honesty you could bite into. They’re made with vacuum-cooked technology that retains their natural colour, nutrients and fibre content of the raw vegetables. What’s more is that To Be Honest uses 50% less oil compared to other deep-fried chips, making indulgence a bit more tasty.

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    Kentaste is the largest and most popular brand of coconut products in Kenya (or anywhere in Africa actually), and we are proud of how we run our business.The finest virgin coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut cream, desiccated coconut and coconut flour for our customers to enjoy in their cooking, and as part of their health and beauty routines.

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    Karma Kettle



    India's finest artisanal tea blenders, offering a delectable selection of 100+ tea varieties Each exquisite blend crafted by our certified master blenders and tea tasters. Our gourmet ingredients (think matcha powder, butterfly pea flower, ginseng, rhododendron flower, saffron, lavender, seabuckthorn, and cockscomb) are blended with green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, and as pure tisanes to brew teas that have a host of health and wellness benefits. Our specialty teas also include Ayurvedic super herbs such as brahmi, ashwagandha, tulsi, galangal, and sage that are known for their healing, restorative benefits.

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    Manuka Health (Distributors)

    New Zealand

    100% New Zealand Origin

    Manuka Health is proudly New Zealand born and based. Every jar of our honey has been made, tested and safely sealed right here in New Zealand and can be traced back to the beekeeper it came from. In fact, each jar carries a unique QR code linking to its ‘honey birth certificate’ – so no matter where you are in the world you can check your jar of honey is the real deal

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    Ayurveda Products


    Various Suppliers - Ranging from herbs to Herbal Products

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    Covid 19 Protection

    Mask - 3ply, KN95, Gloves, Sanitizers, etc

    Various Suppliers - China & India


    We are now suppliers of various PPE Equipment in Mauritius.


    More coming soon

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    Tea Vending Services

    Chai within seconds!


    Check the video


  • How To Order

    Email us with the following :


    Certification of Incorporation , VAT & BRN

    We would also require contact details of the company and also of the person responsible for the machine .


    Expected Usage per week

    We require the no of cups per week , month. So we can plan your refilling schedule and stock.


    Your flavors

    (max 4)

    You may choose from : Cardamom Chai, Masala Chai, Ginger Chai, Lemongrass Chai, Saffron Chai, Coffee Cardamom or Lemon Black Tea

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    Sarvak International
    Corner of Royal Road & Solferino No 4 Street,
    Mon Desir, Vacoas,


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